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About the company
The GardenPlast Company was set up in 2010 by two friends who, watching the world go by, noticed some inconveniences in the fields of construction, gardening, and agriculture. It was soon decided that these problems could be solved by means of new, unique products made of plastic.

There were both the idea and the will, but there was no capital to set up a manufacturing plant. The two business partners had just enough money to make a project as well as the first mould to produce the GardenPEG, i.e. a peg which allows for quick and easy affixation of large surfaces, such as nonwoven and woven agrotextile, to the ground; machines and accessories used for production had to be hired.

It was not long before clients got interested in the GardenPEG, one of a kind on the Polish market. In 2012 the first injection moulding machine was bought and GardenPlast products were available in each prominent sales network in Poland which had a sales department.

In 2014 the second injection moulding machine was bought and the Company laid emphasis on the export of its products, obtaining clients from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Sweden, and even Australia.

It is predicted that in 2016 the volume of export will reach the national level.

The whole production process takes place in Poland and most products are protected by the copyright.

The production of the Client’s brand is an important aspect of the Company’s activity.
Our products are made of high-class raw materials intended for the production of plastic, thanks to which they are resistant to all weather conditions.

GardenPlast Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.
ul. Sosnowa 3B
43-332 Pisarzowice, POLAND

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